Wedding – Dress Shopping – Game Plan

Today’s the day I start my search for the perfect wedding dress. I’ve got Lisa & Tiffany by my side and am hoping that something strikes me on my first attempt. My goal is to at least like 3 dresses to start but to not say ‘Yes’ to a dress until I’m 100%.

I don’t necessarily have a budget but I’d say nothing more than $500? A smaller amount than most of the brides I know getting married this year! I’m not picky but I want to be practical about the purchase! If I didn’t care, I’d buy the one I’ve posted here. It’s pretty fabulous besides the amount of ducks that may or may not have been killed for the sake of a dress.

Excited for the search but a little nervous in the fact that it’s something so new for me to shop for. I’ve of course started looking at pictures but to face the dresses face to face is a bit more daunting. In the end, I know I’ll feel beautiful in the dress I choose and am happy to have great friends by my side.

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