Wedding – DIY Photobooth

Most weddings have some sort of entertainment and many times it comes in the form of music, dancing, food, & beverage. A more popular addition to weddings has been adding a Photo Booth!

We’re going to have a Photo Booth and the best part is that it’s going to be ours in the end and completely feasible for any event in the future. It’s very price sufficient too. Here are the details that allow us to have one to own in the end in quite an affordable way.

1. Homemade Backdrop – Instead of having an actual booth, we’re making our own backdrop so that it will be a destination within the wedding and will be a pleasant look to everyone’s pictures. We’re making one with ribbon similar to the one in the picture.

2. Application Software – Simple Booth: Event Addition. You can even add a customized logo with specific event information. It customizes 4 pictures into the strip look & tada! SO COOL & SO EASY!!

3. Ipad & Tripod – In order to utilize the application, an Ipad of some sort is needed. We’ll be posting up one on a tripod (potentially with other features like a case & wide angle lens). Then after the wedding, we’ll have an Ipad to use and re-use as aΒ booth for a future event.

4. Printer – In order for all our guests to both go away with a souvenir and allow us to enjoy the photos later, we’ll have a printer as well. Β It’ll allow you to print how ever many copies you’d like and then the image will be saved within the Ipad for us to enjoy later.

That’s all there is! Typically Photo Booths will cost $400 for 3 hours at an event. This one costs a similar amount (as long as you already own an Ipad) but allows you to have for however long you want and will give you the opportunity to re-use or rent again later!



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