Wedding – Mary’s April Workout Regimen

It’s Spring now and it feels great to be outside. Most of my workouts in April are going to be enjoying the lake I live on and in general, doing outside activities!

Yoga comes and goes for me. My main goal for April is to become more flexible and strong through Yoga. It’s harder than it looks and I want to focus on practicing yoga and meditation on a more regular basis. Weight loss is also a goal in April. That means lots of cardio and really focusing on maintaining a diet that is both manageable but strict on my goals. I’d like to lose 10 pounds which I believe will be decently easy as long as I stay on a good path! My I’m not worried as much about losing weight but mostly getting toned for the summer season, wish me luck!

Here are some of my favorite workout activities in good weather –

  • Kayaking – Low maintenance and a good arm & shoulder workout
  • Mountain Biking – Mostly for legs and enjoyment!
  • Hiking – Day hikes to start and then once it’s warmer, some overnight camping trips too.
  • Rollerblading – Such a good workout!!
  • Walking – Bostwick Lake is approximately 3 miles around
  • Lawn Maintenance – This doubles as a chore but is definitely considered a workout too! Raking leaves, gardening, re-installing a fence, or even building a tiny guest home is on the agenda 🙂

Now, I’ll still be trying to go to the gym throughout April but if it’s nice you’ll be seeing me outside enjoying the warmer weather!

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