Wedding – Finding our Reception Venue

Searching for a venue for the Reception was fun but stressful to find with a day that fit well for us and to find one that had the right sort of atmosphere for our personalities.

We ended up looking at our top 3 venues. We did a ton of research on what each location provided, the cost of the venue alongside their food & beverage minimum, and overall presentation. Our top three venues ended up being Bissell Tree house located at the John Ball Zoo, Grand Oaks located at the Thousand Oaks Golf Club, & The Lake House alongside Shoreline Inn within Muskegon, MI.

We narrowed down the pros & cons of each venue to find our winner –

Bissell Tree House at John Ball Zoo (Grand Rapids, MI) – Spectacular views with a very rustic and new venue to enjoy. The zoo can be enjoyed by guests (during certain months) and a trolley takes you to the scenic tree house setting. There are great views of the Grand Rapids skyline too! A nice part of this venue is that you choose the catering you’d like to provide. A bad part of this venue was that they are booked all the way through November 2015 and have a steep rental rate.

Grand Oaks at Thousand Oaks Golf Club (Grand Rapids, MI) – Another area with great views and a very convenient set up for guests to enjoy. There’s a built in dance floor and risers to allow for the head table to overlook guests. We’ve already tested and approved their food many times. The nice parts of this venue are the fantastic look to their venue, great food/beverage, and affordable rental rates on Fridays. Another nice part is that they are adding a sleek fire pit in Summer 2015! A bad part of this venue was that they are higher end pricing.

The Lake House at Shoreline Inn (Muskegon, MI) – This venue is located on Muskegon Lake and has a marina right there for guests! It’s also hooked into the Shoreline Inn which would be convenient for guests to make accommodations at. The nice parts of this venue are the nautical style, scenic views, and overall affordability. A bad part of this venue is that it’d be more of a drive for the many local guests we have attending.

After deliberation and weighing out our options, we knew there was one that really stood out. The winner is…..GRAND OAKS at THOUSAND OAKS GOLF CLUB !!

We officially visited Thousand Oaks last and knew right away that this would be the space for our wedding celebration! Tharon and I have been in attendance to some pretty fantastic events located at Thousand Oaks Golf Club but we’re most excited to have us alongside all our friends and family at this wonderful location. If you’ve not been here to golf, dine out, or enjoy the scenery, then you’re in for a treat!

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