The Versatile Wedding Registry

Most couples typically register for gifts at a multitude of overrated popular places you see everyday. Some of the most popular places to register are Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Kohls, Macys, & Target. Although I like shopping there for everyday items, we want our registry to be a selection of fun things that people are interested in actually giving us! Who gets that excited over new towels when they could have a watermelon floatie!?

Wedding registries should provide a fun + inspiring experience for the couple & their guests so we chose Zola! This website has allowed us to share our story of some of our sought after items and given us the opportunity to request some of our actual needed items. In addition to being more interactive, it’s also given us some pretty awesome options to choose from. Not only can we choose from an extensive inventory through Zola themselves, it also allows us to register anything from ANYWHERE! We’ve registered for those ‘typical’ registry items, everyday needs, random things, FUN toys, group gifts, and adventure inventory.

If you’re looking for a versatile registry option for any celebration, Zola is the go-to choice! Check our registry out here – Mary and Tharon’s Wedding Registry.


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