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Back to Basics & Search for Meaning

We all dream of what we might do in the future. We learn right away about the aspirations we want to achieve and what motivates us to keep striving towards those dreams. Sometimes it’s easy to know what drives you, sometimes it’s difficult to stay on track but ultimately it’s a matter of finding what truly makes you happy in your one and only life.

You have the opportunity to find your purpose but it isn’t always that easy. To bring realization about where you want to be or where you should be comes with your basic needs first and then moving toward what inspires you to grow in them.

Using this list, take an inventory of where you’re at with your basic needs and question yourself how youΒ willΒ keep on track with your own journey.

  1. Social Connection. The human body needs attention from others. We are social bodies and if we’re not able to connect with others it causes a sense of loneliness and gives a low self-esteem around what we want to achieve.
  2. Balance. Our minds need to match what our bodies need and vice versa. If they do not coincide with one another, the disconnect can fail you at every turn. Determine a balance between body and mind and grow with a true balance.
  3. Personal Drive. Having goals are what keep us moving forward. Do things you enjoy and always evolve around what you want to achieve. A sense of purpose is an incredible force.
  4. Creativity.Β Boredom will lead to laziness.Β Learn a new trade and always continue to stimulate your brain with what interests you.
  5. Control. Having control provides comfort. It allows security, safety, and confidence towards what keeps focus. Do not try to control too much, start with yourself.
  6. Philanthropy/Altruism. Giving to something bigger than yourself is undeniably rewarding. It can be as simple as volunteer work, raising awareness of a cause, or giving financial assistance to continue their mission. Do not boast of what you do but instead feel the mind/body reward of doing.
  7. Intimacy. A natural desire for close relationships are crucial. This can be through a significant other, close friendship, or your own pet.
  8. Β Validation.Β Being recognized for your talents and accomplishments are both rewarding and helps to bring meaning towards the why in what you’re doing.

These steps (in no particular order) are ones I’ve always tried to maintain through different stages of my adult life. It’s a ‘back to basics’ sort of mentality and continues my drive towards a higher sense of meaning.




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