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Winter Fashion Faves

Happy Tuesday Everyone!! I’m excited to say that we are finally getting some actual snow over her in Michigan. It’s WAY cold and driving sometimes takes forever but it’s so pretty!!

To show my excitement for this season of snow, here are some of my FAVORITE Winter Clothing & Accessories from all sorts of stores and brands I love. Many of these items are already on sale, isn’t that great!? Enjoy & stay warm!!

Winter Faves

#1. Chunky Knit Scarves.

This scarf is absolutely perfect for the cold winter chill. It’s long and can be layered multiple times to assure absolute neck warmth. Shop the look –> Urban Outfitters, $22

#2. Pom PomΒ Beanie.

Keeping your ears warm is crucial. This beanie allows you to interchange the pom pom top if you like different looks, so cool! Shop the look –> Bobbl, $136

#3. Oversized Sweaters.

Cool, Cold, or Freezing: I am always bundling up in an oversized sweater. This one caught my eye with the unique design & because it’s on sale! Shop the look –> Revolve, $101

#4. Leg Warmers & Wool Socks.

My feet are the first part of my body to get cold. I always prepare accordingly with wool socks and by wearing leg warmers around the house. Such an amazing accessory to have during the Winter months. Shop the look –> Free People, $30

#5. Parkas.

I’m not messing around when it comes to cold weather. If it’s below 32 degrees, I’m wearing my parka. Mine is rated for -20 degrees. Shop the look –> Eddie Bauer, $160

#6. Cozy Mittens.

My job requires quite a bit of driving so having a pair of cozy mittens keeps my digits happy and warm. Shop the look –> Anthropologie, $20

#7. Waterproof Boots.

Keeping your feet dry, will help in keeping your feet warm. Sorel boots are where it’s at. I have two pair and these ones may be my third. Shop the look –> Sorel, $160

#8. Warm Dresses

I’m a huge fan of wearing dresses all the time and I don’t let Winter stop me either. This dress is on my wish list. Shop the look –> Free People, $298

#9. Β Wool Leggings.

Leggings are a staple in every females closet (probably some males too). These ones should be in your collection too. Shop the look –> Smartwool, $125

#10. SNOW!

Yeah, I said it. Snow. It’s on the list of favorites because if we didn’t have it, we’d just have cold weather and no scenery different from every other season. It’s fun to play in whether it be hiking trails with snow shoes, hitting the slopes, or just having a good ole snow ball fight. It’s beautiful and will always be an advocate for having snow!

Thanks for reading!

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