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Snowy Winter Fun

We had a second shot at playing in the snow yesterday and it was so much fun!! As soon as it starts to leave we get excited for Spring. Then as soon as it comes back, we’re out in it again! That’s Michigan weather for you, getting your hopes up and challenging you at the same time!

It was a drastic change from having no snow to having 8 inches of snow the next morning but it was such a pretty day. We’ve appreciated how mild our Winter has been and hope for a speedy ice out in the Great Lakes. This weekend’s temperatures will get up to 45 degrees so don’t expect the snow much longer. Get out there and enjoy Winter! Build a snowman. Go Skiing or Snowboarding. It’s only a matter of time now folks. Spring is upon us!

> This just in. Snow is melting but more snow is coming next week, eeks!  <<

Yup, this boat is still partly in the water! Thought these were some cool shots by the water but were too nervous to actually walk on the ice. There were still a few shanties out even after the warm weather we had but we weren’t taking any chances.

We tried to bring our dogs out to play in the snow with us but they didn’t last long. Only had time for me to make a snow angel and have Tharon chase after them around the yard. They’re party poopers, literally and physically. We love them but they are warm weather pups!


One of my favorite parts is coming inside to enjoy some yummy hot chocolate. We’re enjoying these cuddled up next to a cozy wood fire watching one of our favorite shows. Thanks for reading 🙂

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