Sunday Eats & Jams

We LOVE Sundays. More importantly, we LOVE Sunday Brunches! We always enjoy sleeping in (when we’re able) and either making our own breakfast or going out somewhere local. We have quite a few awesome breakfast stops but ours always seem to be the best πŸ˜‰

During the work week, Tharon and I are normally eating cereal or running out the door before even eating breakfast but weekends are where it’s at for yummy breakfasts.

20160313_100227 20160313_100811 20160313_101023 20160313_101559>> Typically, we’ll make breakfast scrambles or Spanish Tortillas. If you missed our previous post on how to make a Spanish Tortilla, visit that post here –> Sunday Brunch – Spanish Tortilla. Todays’s recipe is much different than our previous post but you can always make your own rendition of your favorite breakfast flavors. Don’t forget to add thyme though, it’s the secret ingredient in our opinion! <<Β 20160313_102029>> A very quick table setting due to the fact that we were so hungry and the kitchen was smelling so good! Notice the speaker. We enjoyed The White Stripes, Black Keys, The Kinks, etc during this breakfast. What better way to set the scene than with some some of our favorite tunes <<20160313_102035 20160313_102824>> Tharon has a mouth-full smile here, lol. We’re sad to have depleted our favorite hot sauces but what better meal to do so with. If you want this specific recipe, let me know! <<

Cheers & Thanks for Reading!

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