Healthy Snacking – Tiny But Mighty Popcorn!

This popcorn is delicious and is my go-to healthy snack! Normal popcorn is good too but this popcorn has a very unique flavor (reducing the need for butter & salt) and is almost entirely hull-less. No more kernels getting stuck in your teeth! Tiny popcorn is a premium heirloom variety that goes back to the 1850’s growing on family farms and growing in popularity. Tiny but Mighty is the best brand for tiny popcorn – it’s bite size for kids and is definitely a conversation starter!

If you’d like some to try, Amazon has it here –> Tiny but Mighty Popcorn

Here’s a sneak peak at how to perfect a batch!

20160323_212019>> If you’re interested in trying some, here’s where to buy –> Tiny But Mighty Popcorn. There are also varieties that are already popped but this is the best bang for your buck <<20160323_211849>> You’ll need a heavy pot with a lid. Heat 2-3 Tablespoons of oil (sunflower, afflower, coconut, canola, grape seed and vegetable are the ones they suggest) on the stove on medium-high heat <<20160323_211932 >> Measure out 2/3 cup of kernels. Place three kernels into the pot to test the temperature <<20160323_212042 >> Once you hear one of the kernels pop, take the pan off the heat and add the remaining kernels. Shake the pot to distribute evenly and return to heat <<20160323_212115 >> Leave untouched until popping vigorously (approximately 2-3 minutes). As it is popping, shake the pot every minute or so to allow the kernels to hit the heat and move the popped pieces to the top <<20160323_212436 >> When there are 2-3 seconds between pops, remove from heat and immediately pour into a bowl. Season with your favorite toppings (just salt for us!) and enjoy!20160323_212603  20160323_213025 >> Look at the difference in size, Tiny But Mighty Popcorn packs in the flavor! <<20160323_215814Cheers & thanks for reading!

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