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Spring Cleaning – Living Simpler, Reducing Stuff, & Fulfilling Passions

As we’ll be making some major changes to our current lifestyle in the upcoming weeks, I thought it’d be important to talk about some of the steps along the way. If you’re not aware of these changes, you soon will be with upcoming posts as Tharon and I’s story continues.

The first thing I can tell you is, we’re making our dreams a reality. Second of all, it’s going to be lots of hard work and lots of change. I’ve already had a mini panic attack just thinking of the hard decisions to come but I’m now ready to commit towards our end goal. We’re not the people who are dreaming forever never to make into a reality. We are believers and doers.

Next, we are reducing much of the life as we know it. We each have full time jobs along with side projects and hobbies while still allowing for a personal and professional social life. We’re now thinking of starting a family? Who has the time!? Over the years, we’ve allowed more and more responsibilities to pile on and hobbies become less and less of a priority. Our goal is to reduce responsibilities and simplify around our everyday needs. We’re not giving up every bit but it’s a large part of our transition.

In addition to the items of which take time away, we’re also reducing our material possessions. In this day and age, we assign meaning to the stuff we own and causes us to lose out on the items in which should matter most, i.e. building upon relationships, our hobbies, being healthy, personal growth, and leaving our mark on our family history. We’re starting out small by getting rid of excess items but then building up towards selling luxury items, our cars, and maybe even our house.

I can tell you right now, this is not for everyone. For us, we believe the focus of reducing responsibilities and our stuff will allow for a more transparent path of happiness not through things, but through life itself. These changes are gradual for us and will not be as drastic as others you may have read about but everyone has their own strategy. Find your comfort level in ways you can reduce and help free up time to fulfill your passions.

Finally we are making headway towards our goal of traveling full-time. We’ve always loved to travel yet we’ve bogged down our life with payments & responsibilities that have only taken away from what really makes us happy. Through these beginning steps we are making our passion to travel our responsibility and hope to inspire you to set a clear path towards fulfilling your own passion in life.

Thanks for reading, cheers!

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