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Goodbye Job & Hello Adventure

In one week, I will be jobless. This is something I’ve not known since I was 12 years old. I’ve always been hard working and regularly earning an income. Sometimes with odd jobs or chores around the house growing up. Sometimes more than one job working a double or even triple shift. I’ve known odd hours, long hours, and no sleep. Having no job will be strange, entirely different from anything I’ve ever known.

Most recently I’ve been employed at Panera Bread as the Regional Catering Sales Manager. It’s been perfect for my skill set and given me professional experience all across the West Michigan Region. As I continue to say goodbye, I’m nervously anxious to let go but look forward to what happens next.

Why am I quitting you may ask?

Time. Itย is the only resource you can never get more of so you should spend it wisely. I’d like mine to be taken up by experiences and hobbies I enjoy doing. That is why Tharon and I will be moving onto our boat in May to start traveling full time. First starting to explore the Great Lakes more thoroughly to determine if we enjoy the live aboard lifestyle and then figuring out the next steps of the journey.

We’re not all able to just quit our jobs but more and more positions are becoming remote. Tharon will still beย working toย support our day to day expenses but he’ll be doing so while we’re traveling. It has literally been a dream come true and will allow us such freedom along our adventuring.

Now for my contribution! To start,ย I willย continue blogging our interests and finding freelance writing opportunities. From there, my hopes are toย add video bloggingย to provideย additionalย content on where we’re traveling, what activities we’re enjoying,ย and giving tips & opportunities toย inspire others on howย we’re able to make this happen too! Lastly, I’ll be doing many of the sailing responsibilities alongside chart plotting, navigation, boat upkeep, and day to day chores. Although it’s not a paid position, I’ll still be working hard each day like I’ve always known. Wish us luck!

Thanks for your support along the way, Cheers!


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