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Happy Earth Day & Happy Flower Friday!!! – Gerber Daisies, Color Crazy

>> Gerber Daisies are very popular (ranked #5 in most used cut flower) and widely used as a decorative garden plant or in bouquets as a pop of solid color detail. Their color range is quite large and come in varied shapes and sizes which make them attractive to mostΒ flower enthusiasts. Here’s a look at what I put together for a quick and simple centerpiece in our dining room <<
20160311_150900 20160311_150910>> They do very well in the yellow to redΒ color spectrum. I plucked out every shade I could at this week’s floral shop visit to Stem’s Market. Mostly gathering mini gerbers, I couldn’t pass up the larger Coral colored variety, absolutely gorgeous shade of the flower <<20160311_150925 20160311_151007 20160311_151049 20160311_151105>> All stacked up, I love to see the differences in each flower’s appearance. The colors may not go completely together but that’s okay with me! I’m a fan of all colors πŸ˜‰ <<20160311_151318>> Here’s the final product in a clear mason jar I randomly found in our cupboard. I’m glad it’s a clear vessel because I love their lime green stems! <<

Cheers & thanks for reading!

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