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Hey, We’re In New York – Niagara Falls

If you weren’t able to check out our travels to Buffalo, read here – Hey, We’re In New York #1 – Buffalo.

While visiting Buffalo, we had a car for a short while. This meant we could check out the Niagara Falls State Park. I had never seen them before but Tharon had visited once with his Capoeira group in College. Too say the least, we love waterfalls and I could NOT wait to check them out!

We decided to check out the Canadian side of the falls first because we would need to meet with our friend Mike Quill within St. Catherines, Ontario. He was making us a new stanchion and is one of the original riggers for Hinterhoeller and our actual boat! Very exciting to meet him and his help has been so very helpful in sourcing parts and knowing what maintenance needs to happen with our Nonsuch.

After meeting up with Mike, we made our way to the Canadian side of the massive waterfalls. We could feel the mist so far away and walking up the magnificent natural wonder was breath taking. It’s hard for me to find words in describing the beauty of the falls. The BEST and WIDEST waterfalls we’ll probably ever see. Make time to visit them because it’s an incredible site to see.

We spent most the day around the falls getting plenty of pictures and enjoying multiple points of view. Our first view of the falls included a delicious lunch beside them and walking around the hundreds of other visitors. There’s plenty of activities to enjoy while visiting the falls but decided we’d make time for only a couple. Our second view was an exhibit called ‘Journey Behind the Falls”. This gave us a look of behind and under the waterfalls while showcasing the history behind these man made tunnels. It was a really unique view. Our third view was from the Skylon Tower. This gave us an aerial view of the waterfalls which allowed for some amazing bird’s eye photos. Although I was a bit nervous of the height of the tower, I only walked a little funny thinking about the tower moving. Before ascending to the top, we look up from the base and with the clouds moving by decently fast, it made it seem the tower was moving. It was a bit sickening at first but am so happy we could see from above.

We were going to enjoy a cocktail at their restaurant but decided instead to check out the Niagara Brewing Company in the downtown area. The downtown area was filled with people. I did not know it’d be so built up with such touristy attractions. Very fun for people watching but much crazier than expected. We stayed at the brewery for an hour or so before making our way to the US side of the Falls.

Our views already were amazing but wanted to be sure to see the New York side as well. We made our way to Goat Island which took us directly above both waterfalls. Another incredible view and unique to the location. Absolutely gorgeous!

I thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Niagra Falls and its overwhelmingly beautiful scenery made it extremely difficult for us to leave. It started to rain, otherwise they would have had to drag us out of the park. If you ever have the chance to visit them, do it. Such a reward for us to enjoy along our journey!

Cheers and thanks for reading!

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