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Flower Friday – Abaco Flora

The Bahamas aren’t just filled with coconuts! Flowers basically bloom year round in the Bahamas. The colors are beautiful and can be found all throughout the Abaco Islands. Throughout our stay, I took plenty of pictures of these Bahamian beauties. I’ve been able to identify some of them but am still learning! Which is your favorite flower? Comment below!

Although there are plenty on this post, it is not a complete list of species within the Abacos. I’m working on it and will update this post again when I visit next. 

I’m always a fan of learning about wildlife! If you’re able to identify anything I’ve missed, please leave me a comment and I’ll update. Thanks & enjoy!

Hibiscus Flowers

One of my favorite flowers is the Hibiscus. There are so many different variations in color and they are absolutely gorgeous. Since I was little, I would always them and always will <3

Cheers & thanks for reading!

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