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Michigan – Summertime, and the Livin’ is Easy

Although we LOVE traveling and visiting new areas to adventure in, Michigan summers are something we will always make time for. We enjoy time with friends and family, dress up for weddings, attend local festivals, and soak in all the wildlife Michigan has to offer. This Summer was no different for us and can’t believe it’s almost time to start moving again. Our time was spent with good people whom we love dearly and gave us time to get our company running – Zenomad – while also getting another rental house on the market in Grand Rapids. Lots of work but we of course know how to make it fun at the same time. 

Our RV Lifestyle & Fixing up Fuzz

We’ve introduced you to RV Moonlight but here’s another look at our newest adventure vehicle. 

Another Summer project we had was repairing Fuzz from its escape off its mooring back in June 2016. We lived at the marina for a few days learning how to use fiberglass and gelcoat to fix a 3′ x 1′ gash made after grinding on a local dock.  Our results were impressive and we’re glad to have gotten some practice before working on future fiberglass projects. 

Michigan Camping Adventures

For us, a favorite part of Michigan Summers is always camping. Typically we are backpacking or car camping but this year we got to enjoy camping in an RV too. 

Top 10 Campgrounds from this Summer – in our opinions πŸ˜‰

  1. Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore – Map & Guide –  Glen Arbor, MI
  2. Ionia State ParkMap – Ionia, MI
  3. Young State Park – Map – Boyne City, MI
  4. Sleepy Hollow State ParkMap – Laingsburg, MI
  5. Muskegon State Park – Map – Muskegon, MI
  6. P.J. Hoffmaster State ParkMap – Muskegon, MI
  7. P.H. Hoeft State ParkMap – Rogers City, MI
  8. Wabasis Lake Campground – Map – Greenville, MI
  9. Grand Haven State ParkMap – Grand Haven, MI
  10. Harvest HostsRobinette’s Apple Haus – Grand Rapids, MI

To say the least, we’ve had a lot of fun camping this year. Visit our Travel Map for more πŸ™‚

Other Events Around Michigan

Along with moving around often and working on multiple projects, we LOVED our time with family and friends. In fact, it was the main reason we paused our sailing voyage to come back for a while. That and, well, hurricane season. 


‘Tis the season for weddings! This Summer provided us a few to enjoy at our return. Bringing me back to one of the professional industries I left made me feel sentimental in multiple ways. I’m celebrating the love of friends while also reminiscing on a previous chapter of my life. Cheers to our friends who got married this Summer, we love you in our lives and appreciate your friendship!

Music Festivals

I’ve been attending Music Festivals since I was in high school. Starting at Bliss Fest Music Festival, Cowpie Blues Festival, and Wheatland Music Festival, moving towards larger events such as Bonnaroo Music Festival and Lollapalooza. Then back to other ones like Founder’s Fest, Hoxeyville Music Festival and Earthworks Harvest Gathering.  When in doubt, I will always attend the best music festivals. This year however, I didn’t attend my favorite one, Electric Forest Festival. I’ve been attending this originally named Rothbury Music Festival, since 2008 (9 years!?) but decided against to try out a new festival and attend more intimate ones like Hoxeyville. We especially love any music festival in Michigan <3 The newest festival to add to our lineup history though is Life is Beautiful out in Las Vegas, NV. I’ve yet to attend but look forward to writing up a post to commemorate and share with you!

Craft Shows

One of my goals is to always be able to help my family. Growing up, I lived in a craft store. It was fun and social and taught me how to be the way I am today. From greeting customers to up-selling them new hobbies, I was there to help my family. This Summer I was able to do something similar, help them with craft shows! Although you typically sacrifice an entire weekend, I thoroughly enjoy going to them! This year, we attended Alpena’s Art on the Bay and Rogers City Nautical Festival. If I’m lucky enough, I’ll be attending Harrisville’s 42nd Annual Arts and Crafts Festival this weekend too.

Our family has always been entrepreneurs and that’s led my sister to owning her own LulaRoe business. She sells comfy leggings, flattering dresses, perfect t-shirts and flowy sweaters in an array of eclectic patterns. I’m a fan of their styles and love helping her out with all the fun retail organization. If you want to be added to her Facebook Group, here’s where you can join – Michelle’s VIP LulaRoe

Update + Upcoming Travels

We’re breezing through summer but really looking forward to Fall. Lots of travel coming up and getting back on the water is going to be oh so amazing. 

GrandCon + Life is BeautifulAnnapolis Sailboat Show + Adventures in Asheville + Back to Cruising

Thanks for reading and cheers to Michigan Summers <3 

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