Adventure Vehicles

Meet S/V Tipsy Gypsy

Tipsy Gypsy is a 1983 36′ Hintehoeller Nonsuch that we purchased in November 2015. We moved onto the boat in May 2016 and have been cruising ever since! Currently, our goal is to skip the colder months in Michigan to enjoy sailing around the Bahamas and Caribbean. In the future, we’d like to bring the boat back up North to explore more of the Great Lakes. We’re always up for an adventure and also change our minds quite often. Follow our sailing adventures Facebook + Instagram to stay in the loop!

Why a Nonsuch?

We learned how to sail in 2014 and purchased our first boat Fuzz (see below) but having more space to live aboard became necessary as our dreams continued to grow into a lifetime of cruising. We’ve dreamed of this moment to set sail full time and to share our journey with friends, family, travelers and other sailors. We enjoy entertaining and found that this boat is spacious for guests to stay with us, allows for our extensive inventory of adventure gear, and is in exceptional condition for its age. Check out our post about why we chose the boat we did –> Introducing the NEW! Boat – Tipsy Gypsy.

If you’ve not heard of Nonsuch, check out these vintage videos showing off their unique style & personality.


Meet Dingus

Typically dinghy names coincide with the vessel they are assisting but we’re indecisive and decided on Dingus.

Dingus = noun: dingus; plural noun: dinguses; noun: dinges; plural noun: dingeses

  1. used to refer to something one cannot or does not wish to name specifically.

We LOVE our dinghy! Need a new dinghy? Use Code: SVTIPSYGYPSY for 10% off –>

Meet S/V Fuzz

When we initially learned how to sail (GR Junior Sailing Association), it was with 8′ lasers on Reed’s Lake in Grand Rapids, MI. These things were fun but ended up finding out that we could easily afford a larger boat for longer, more comfortable trips. We decided on an S2 7.3 24′ Sailboat named Fuzz. It’s a great sailboat and enjoy sailing Fuzz in the Michigan Summers. 

If you’re interested in sailing, this was a great starter boat size and a decent intro in boat maintenance. Below are some pictures! If you’re interesting in buying Fuzz, let us know and we’ll send you specs!

Meet RV Moonlight

After cruising around on a sailboat for so long, we knew we would need an adventure vehicle for land travels and family visits. Via a text message from us in the Bahamas to a Craig’s List guy in Michigan, we purchased RV Moonlight, a 1991 Gulfstream Ultra. She’s vintage and a lot of fun to drive around. Now when we’re not living on the water aboard Tipsy Gypsy, we have a home on land for road trips, storage, and, more tiny living!