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Flower Friday – Abaco Flora

The Bahamas aren’t just filled with coconuts! Flowers basically bloom year round in the Bahamas. The colors are beautiful and can be found all throughout the Abaco Islands. Throughout our stay, I took plenty of pictures of these Bahamian…

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Flower Friday – Pretty in Pink Roses

It’s been a while since I’ve written a Flower Friday post and well, it feels great! I picked up these pink roses while on a walk with friends in Downtown Annapolis. They were some of the most affordable floral…

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Flower Friday – Forget Me Nots

It’s rainy in Leland but should be a good day to get some shopping in since most people will probably steer clear of the weather. We’ll see! Anyways, wanted to send out a quick update about our upcoming travels.…

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Everything Succulents

We’ve owned many plants duringΒ our time together but come to realize there are just some plants that are easier to take care of than others. Succulents are one of the easiest types of plants to take care of and…

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Flower Friday – Double Orchids

These purple double orchids were put together for an event back in February.Β They were so easy and are flawless for any event. Although they came in a pot already, the color of pots are not guaranteed and the client…

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Flower Friday – Anxious for Spring

Today IΒ have an amazinglyΒ beautiful centerpiece inspired by Springtime. It’s coming up so quick! I am so excited for warmer weather and for everything to start blossoming! Yellow Mums & White Aster After spending some time at the floral store,…

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Flower Friday – BLIA Christmas Party

Sometimes I’m a florist. Today I put together quite the spread for the Bostwick Lake Improvement Association’s (BLIA) Holiday Party! I also assisted with all the planning but here’s a look at some of the floral arrangements put together…