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Wishlist – Wedding Jewelry

I’ve become a merchandiser for Chloe+Isabel recently and I’m really excited to earn this necklace for part of my wedding accessories! I’ve called this business Jewelry GR and will be affiliated with my Event Planning company, Customary Events. Chloe+Isabel…

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The Versatile Wedding Registry

Most couples typically register for gifts at a multitude of overrated popular places you see everyday. Some of the most popular places to register are Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Kohls, Macys, & Target. Although I like shopping there for everyday items,…

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Wedding Colors – Mix Match Decor & Style

Summer is the absolute best time to get married, for the colors alone! Tharon has no cares of what the colors are but once you decide, that’s the basis of all decisions made on decoration & floral. Our MAIN…


Finding our Reception Venue

Searching for a venue for the Reception was fun but stressful to find with a day that fit well for us and to find one that had the right sort of atmosphere for our personalities. We ended up looking at our…

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DIY Photobooth

Most weddings have some sort of entertainment and many times it comes in the form of music, dancing, food, & beverage. A more popular addition to weddings has been adding a Photo Booth! We’re going to have a Photo…

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Wedding Tasting!!!!

Our wedding tasting was today and it…was….DELICIOUS!! You’re all in for a treat because we already knew Thousand Oaks has a good menu but guess what, their banquet menu is just as good! We tried an assortment of appetizers, salads,…

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Yurt Livin’ & How Tharon Proposed

First of all, you should know what a yurt is. A Yurt is a portable, bent-dwelling structure traditionally used by nomads in the steppes of Central Asia as their home (ref, Wikipedia). To the general ‘roughing it’ public, they are…


The Ring!!

Below is the stone Tharon proposed to me with. It’s a Demantoid Garnet which is a rare stone that most people are not aware of. It’s absolutely beautiful and am so happy he did his research! At first I was…