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It’s been a nice break from the blog but it’s time to share with you the next steps in our travels!

Where’s Tipsy Gypsy!?

We lived on our sailboat, Tipsy Gypsy, from May 2016 to April 2017. After our voyage across the Gulf Stream, we slowed our pace in the Bahamas and enjoyed every minute. We had been traveling quite quickly alongside the East Coast of the United States to make it to Florida by the middle of December. To say the least, we were whooped from the constant travel. Our decision to stop sailing for a while came after our third week in the Bahamas. Although it was beautiful and tons of fun, we wanted to be in one place for a while without worries of weather, availability of internet, and where we would be headed next. 

By the end of three months in the Bahamas, we did not feel good about our decision to leave the boat. However, it became a necessary comfort to continue towards home. Regardless, it was happening 100% at the start of March. We purchased an RV in cash, via text message and Tharon’s Dad would pick it up for us to live in for the Summer. 

Upon our return to West Palm Beach, we felt a rush of familiar conveniences.  It was a relief to be back in the United States yet we still felt doubt about our decision to leave. As of today, we still have regrets but hope to be more at ease after seeing friends and family throughout May & June. 

Okay, so back to where Tipsy Gypsy is. We’ve put her on the hard in Florida in hopes to live on her again starting October/November. We’re already starting to plan the next leg of the trip and can’t wait to be back. 

Introducing RV Moonlight!

So much for being in one place, we bought an RV. It’s been a full year of adventuring AND we’re not stopping now!

Our first jaunt after Tipsy Gypsy was to pick up our new travel vehicle. We drove 1,100 miles to Ovid, MI only to turn around a couple days later to drive the 1,100 miles back to the boat. We had to grab our things, take care of storing the boat properly, and fly out of West Palm Beach for a fabulous vacation to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It was lots of work, plenty of fun, and lots of State Parks. 

Here are the specs on RV Moonlight – 

  • 1991 Gulfstream Ultra
  • 7.4 V8 Engine
  • 30 gallon gas tank
  • 30 gallon water tank
  • 70,000 miles 
  • 2 full beds, 1 twin – 5 person capacity
  • 1 bathroom
  • 1 shower (separate from bathroom)
  • Awning for outdoor living space

We’ve already upgraded the flooring, thoroughly washed, and re-caulked everything. We have high hopes to paint, redo the upholstery, and add trim. Without a doubt, it is far better than when we purchased it. 

So yeah, we’re going to be on the road all Summer long. Our goal is to be in Michigan until the middle of August, travel out west to some capacity, and attend some awesome events along the way. Who knows, it might change through out each month too. Keep in touch with us, you’re welcome to join along the way!

Cheers & thanks for reading!

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