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Cabo San Lucas – MEXICO


One of our favorite vacation destinations is Cabo San Lucas (we’ve been there four times now!). Located on the tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula, it is known for its resorts, beaches, nightlife, and marine activities. We enjoy most of those activities but this time around focused our attention to shopping, and relaxing with Tharon’s Mom & siblings. 

It was indeed time for us to relax come this trip taken at the tail end of April. We had just gotten everything situated for SV Tipsy Gypsy & started focusing our attention on preparing RV Moonlight for our Summer travels. We were beat and luckily had planned a trip to this favorite spot of ours. It’s different each time we visit and there are no bad days in Cabo.

Here’s a small look at the fun we had :)



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It’s 2017 already!? It’s been an incredible change of pace since making it to West Palm Beach, Florida. Instead of the frigid Winter months in Michigan, we’ve instead been enjoying palm trees and warm sunny days. WOooOooOOo! Okay, it sounds amazing…