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Getting Healthy – 21 day challenge!

Typically resolutions are made at the start of the New Year but mine are starting a bit later for 2016. It won’t be easy but I’m ready to make some major changes in my eating habits, workout routines, and sleep schedule. I’m hoping to share some of the journey but mostly better myself and get healthy.

Step 1 – Set Goals

  • Diet –
    • Fixes – Lots of Veggies for Juicing. 2.5 Liters of Water per Day. Herbal Teas.
    • Restrictions – Alcohol. Dairy. Sugars.
  • Workouts –
    • Daily Cardio – 30 minutes+
    • Yoga Sundays
  • Sleep –
    • Wake up at 5am
    • Go to Bed at 10pm

Step 2 – Make a Plan

To accomplish these goals, my plan is to simplify my everyday schedule and prepare my surroundings. I’ve decided to start this challenge on 1/29 and end officially on 2/18 but may implement some of the changes more permanently. I’ll be prepping my kitchen by taking away any trigger foods and making sure my fridge is stocked up with lots of healthy options.  From there, I’ll hopefully appreciate a better sleep schedule to fuel me up for the gym each day. Any part of the day will work well for getting to the gym but will strive for mornings.

Step 3 – My Why

When you start something and want to be successful in the journey, you have to know your why. The reasoning around having this challenge for me is to lose weight, feel better, and be confident. They all coincide together but always want to live an active lifestyle in the most  positive way.

I’ll try to incorporate my progress throughout. Wish me luck! Thanks for reading!



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