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So last week I found out that we’re going on a vacation to the Bahamas for my birthday. Before that, Tharon and I’s goal has always been to sail down to the Caribbean. Basically I’m dreaming all the time each day about exploring the world and experiencing new things. So in the meantime, I’m shopping for that vacation of a lifetime! Plus, we’re going on a cruise soon so I have to be prepared, right!?

Here are a few outfit ideas and some my favorite makeup and hair essentials. My favorite items for all of summer are light silk dresses, kimonos, tunics, kaftans, and swim coverups. They are all relatively similar and oh so comfy. Plus they scrunch up to make your packing load a breeze. Another must-have item are Flash Tattoos. They are absolutely my favorite summer accessory and have to say they are the only brand I trust when it comes to shimmery tattoos. Another obvious must-have accessory are sunglasses! Tharon may say I have too many but I’m looking at getting some Celine sunnies in the near future – I’m in love. Those ones made the list and so did a few more below!

Take a look and share with me some of your favorite sunny weather styles! Thanks for reading 🙂

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