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I’ve always been a fan of quirky looking outfits and fun-loving accessories. I’m in love with the artistic approach that designers provide us when showcasing such unique ideas in the styles they think up. Everyone is different in their own way and fashion allows you to embrace your style around the personality and body you continue to build into. Sometimes those looks can be simple but the ones I’m sharing in this post are definitely out of the ordinary, enjoy!

Aren’t these awesome!? Maybe not affordable at times but the pieces are such unique items that I can only be envious of wearing them someday. I’m especially in love with those cigarette lip slippers, galaxy dress, and of course the campfire cardigan – how fun!!

Okay, here’s some more!

So many wants and it’s oh so much fun to window shop! Online shopping is the best. Here are some things on my MUST have list –> Moonscape Crewneck SweaterToucan Floatie, & all the sunglasses from DIFF Eyewear!

Have you heard of DIFF Eyewear!? I’m a fan – Get 25% off with code: TIPSYGYPSY

The list goes on and on. I’ll keep selling my old styles on Tradesy and continue to grow my love of quirky fashion items 😉

Thanks for reading! If you’ve got some unique styles to share, please let me know!

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