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2016 Travel Gift Guide – For Nomads, Gypsies, & Adventurers

As the holiday season approaches, the search for the perfect gift is becoming less and less of a challenge for me. Typically it has been a last minute task for me but this year I’m doing things differently! We’re planning to gift items purchased along our travels and sticking around the theme of travel for all our gifts. Because, who doesn’t enjoy traveling!?

Before adding to the shopping craze that the holiday season brings, know that we continue to minimize our inventory and purchase only necessary items that we’ll need along our travels. These products are tried on true by us or fellow sailors we’ve met along the way.

Enjoy my picks for gift-giving during this holiday season!

Gear Junkie

My husband and I are always trying out new gadgets that make life easier or more fun. It’s quite enjoyable to have a good selection of gear around and hope you’ll consider these amazing options for gift-giving this year!

  • Wind & Weather Meter – Us sailors need to know how much wind and what weather is showing up. This portable backup has been a lifesaver for us and a good addition to any inventory.
  • Rapid Hammock – Everyone needs a hammock, hands down. This is the best brand I’ve found thus far. Enjoy 20% off anytime with the code ‘tipsygypsy’ 
  • Backpacks – Everyone needs a backpack! Here’s mine –> 25 Liter, it carries ALL my audio/video gear. Here’s the bigger option –> 30 Liter. Oh, and here’s Tharon’s –> Osprey Comet, 30 Liter
  • Patagonia Belt Bag – Although they look pretty nerdy, I’ve always found waist bags to be so convenient. Especially whilst exploring. They’re better than a purse, promise!
  • Toiletry Bags – Always needed when packing for your next trip. Here’s one I love from Pendleton –> Dopp Kit and here’s Tharon’s –> Osprey Toiletries
  • GoPro Hero 5 – The newest model of GoPros and by far an amazing gift for anyone. Film & Video is continuously growing in popularity, get our there and share your story!
  • Sony a6000 – If you’re looking for better quality video, here’s the camera I use. It’s been an incredible camera and would suggest to anyone looking to have for a high quality mirrorless camera
  • Wireless Headphones – Once you lose the wires, you’ll never go back. I have these –> Bludio U and they’re great. If you’re looking for the next step up, get these –> Beats by Dre
    • Sometimes these big headphones don’t make sense. Try these out if you don’t mind the wires –> Happy Plugs
  • Swell Water Bottles – Here are a couple of patterns I enjoy –> Marble & Wood
  • 7 Year Pen – Oh how I love these pens! They write very nicely and come in so many cute patterns too. Lobster, Pineapple, and Whale are a few of them.
  • Scratch off Travel Map – These things are SO fun. It’s also motivation to keep traveling!
  • Travel Journal – I’m a writer. I always have a journal. Here’s are some fun options –> Moleskin, I Was Here, and Le Journal. Oh, and here’s a scratch off journal too –> Scratch Off Journal
  • Lilly Pulitzer Planner – Keep organized around all your upcoming adventures with this stylish planner! I love her style and am obsessed with her story.
  • Passport Holder – Because, why not!? Here are a couple of options –> #1 & #2

Fashionista Traveler

Fashion is interpretative but I have come to enjoy certain brands when it comes to traveling. The key for me is to have versatile clothing for different temperatures & climates. Sorry guys, Tharon doesn’t care much about this section πŸ˜‰

This list could go on and on and on and on. I’ve provided some of my favorite brands but again, to each their own style.

Chefs & Foodies alike

Worldly Pets

If you enjoy purchasing gifts for your animals, check these options out. They’ll make great gifts for your furry friend!

  • Pendleton – As I mentioned earlier, I really like this brand. They did an entire collection for pets in celebration of the National Park’s 100th Birthday Celebration. Check it out here –> Pendleton Pets
  • Dishes – Collapsible is the way to go here. Try these –> Collapsible Dishes
  • Kurgo – Safety is crucial for your pet. They make lifejackets, ziplines, & hammock for your backseat, barriers, carriers, and covers. An awesome brand for your pet.
  • Water Fountain – Not really travel related but still really awesome.
  • Cute Clothing – My mom usually makes all my dog’s clothes but this one is so cute –> Dog Shirt. It’s not just meant to be cute either. My dogs definitely appreciate the coverage at times.

Adventures in Bartending

  • 10-in-1 Bartending Tool – A must have. So convenient and everything need to make a great cocktail.
  • Bar Glasses – Not great for the boat but something fancy for your home between travels.
  • Whiskey Decanter – Again, not great for the sailboat BUT an amazing option for your bar on land.
  • Growlers – We love visiting breweries. If you do too, grab one of these growlers –> Stainless Steel Growler, Stanley Growler, OR grab the entire set here –> Stanley Growler Set
  • Picnic Cocktail Hour – OMG. We need this.
  • Stainless Steel Nesting Cocktail Kit – Portable and stores well for your tiny home.
  • Stemless Wine Glasses – Shatterproof.

Thank you so much for taking the time to enjoy my travel picks for 2016. Hopefully it helps you along your shopping or maybe assisted you in making a list of your own. Happy Holiday!

Cheers and thanks for reading!


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